2nd rehearsal.May 28. 2011-05-27 23.09.21 2011-05-28 13.10.48 2011-05-30 10.40.36 2011-05-30 14.33.11 Allene at choir rehearsal Arlington Cemetary Arlington House and Cemetary Best DC Driver Russell Lawerence Betty and her main man Betty at JFK Betty at JFK  (2) Betty catching zzzzs Betty Frable Betty, Linda, and Dave Bud & Carol Fuls Changing of the guard Changing of the guard.May 28 Choir rehearsal in DC.May 28 Clare Fulton and Donna Gillman DC Touring FHCC.May 29 DC Touring FHCC 2.May 29 Eternal Flame Hall of Nations JFK Center Jane Ferring JFK gravesite Julie Tibbey and Jane Ferring Linda Bousselot Matthew Frable Ready to roll.May 27 STC and FHCC DC Tour Members.May 29 STC and FHCC Tour Members 2. May 29 The airport send-off from STC Nancy Read The Bousselots The Frables Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. May 28 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Touring Arlington Cemetery.May 28 Washington Momument1 Washington Momument2 White House 2